Distributist Radio Begins on Monday!!!!

Paleo Radio deals with economics, politics, and culture from a distinctively Catholic perspective.

Paleo Radio
Every Monday and Friday from 5-7 p.m. EST
Listen LIVE on http://wocrfm.com (Internet Explorer ONLY)
Call the show: 269.749.7398
IM during program: Add Paleocrat to Yahoo IM and/or AIM

Open invitation to distributist authors, bloggers, and organizations:
Call The Paleocrat Tribune at 269.317.1263 to set up day and time for interview & promotions.

Send any and all questions, articles, or press releases to paleocrat@me.com

Learn Distributism. Love Distributism. Live Distributism.


Paleocrat Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 11:53:00 PM CST  


I am always willing to review books, videos, and lectures... and I am always willing to take a complimentary copy off your hands. :)

All interview will be put on the Internet in audio and/or video form. The same holds true for reviews done on Paleo Radio. Reviews not dealt with on the radio program will be posted on The Paleocrat Tribune. If it is exceptional, as I presume most would be, reviews would be done both in video form as well as in written form.

For what it's worth... just contact me.

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