Alcohol Can Be A Gas

In his latest book, "Alcohol Can Be A Gas," author and activist David Blume makes a compelling argument for the substitution of oil dependency with ethanol, using not only corn but other crops as well. Using decades of research on renewable fuels, this book is a 640 page "soup to nuts" on ethanol as a practical alternative. From building an ethanol plant to modifying your vehicle's fueling system, this "How-To" is lush with hundreds of graphs, charts, and photos as exhibits to accompany his defence of ethanol production.

For more information go to his website, Alcohol Can Be A Gas.


Unknown Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 10:35:00 AM CST  

You know the states control how much drink-able alcohol can be sold for and tax it also. People will just make their own blends of whiskey, ect. Less tax revenue. Then we are going to be up against big alcohol too.
It will never work....

Just kidding, I hope it goes forward, sounds great !!

Not kidding about the making of our own spirits though.

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