As reported on the pro-globalist CNN website, in it's Money section, the Senate voted 74-25 in favor of the so-called Bailout Bill, albeit with revisions of their own included.

As reported by Jeanne Sahadi, both so-called “mainstream” Presidential candidates voted for it. And unlike the House version that was – thank God – rejected, the Senate version will cost more than the $700 billion the elitists claim is needed.

Many of the additions to the original Bailout Bill were intentionally added to weaken House opposition to this economy-killing measure. And many of it's core proposals are left intact, possibly including the one giving the Treasury Secretary unlimited control over the nation's economic workings. This was in Section 8A of the original House bill. There has been no word on whether it has been removed or not, but it is feared it hasn't.

The House is expected to vote on the Senate measure this Friday, October 3rd.

As was said earlier, this isn't over yet. We've one the first battle, lost the second, and the third one is on the horizon. And as was mentioned earlier, the House has put limits on Congressmen receiving e-mails from angry voters. They lied when they said their computers couldn't stand the rush of e-mails coming in. They just don't want to hear from the taxpayers and small business and cooperative owners they're about to fleece.

So as suggested by the group, send your e-mail at “off-peak” hours; that is, at times when e-mail traffic to Washington D.C. is usually light. That was, you avoid the risk of getting an error message when you send it.

But don't forget to also call your Congressman and demand they vote “NO” to the Senate version of the so-called Bailout Bill. If they vote for it, tell them you will back their opposition in the next election. If they vote against it, give them your thanks. Keep your calls brief, polite and to the point.

Remember, the House votes on this on Friday, October 3rd. Make your e-mails and phone calls count. Don't count on the so-called “mainstream media” to give any fair coverage on this issue. They are in bed with the elitists and globalists who favor this taxpayer swindle.

Demand your Congressman vote “NO” on the Senate version of the Bailout Bill. And above all, pray, pray, pray! Thank you.


Donald Goodman Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 9:38:00 AM CDT  


As it happens, the bill establishes a "Financial Stability Oversight Board," which can review all actions of the Secretary. Of course, it's made up of the Chairman of the Fed, the Secretary of Treasury, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, chairman of the SEC, and the Secretary of HUD. So in other words, it's openly in the pocket of the financial cabal that has already screwed the country over. Big help that is.

The actions taken by the Secretary of Treasury are now subject to judicial review, but it's the normal administrative law judicial review, with his decisions reversible only if they're openly in conflict with the law (which allows anything, so no trouble there) or "arbitrary and capricious". Reversals under this standard are exceedingly rare.

So while it at least isn't *blatantly* making the Henry Paulson an economic dictator, it's practically doing that still. May God help the members of the House to defeat it.

Bsdouglass Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 10:59:00 AM CDT  

At least wooden arrows for children will be protected now! It's so wonderful that our dear leaders are so caring for us.

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