This Friday, October 3rd, is the crucial third vote on the so-called Bailout Bill, now disguised as the “Economic Rescue Act”.

Already, the globalist elites running the Democrats and Republicans are putting pressure on Congress to betray their voters back home. The House already voted “NO”. But their leaders are doing everything they can to change minds and votes. Big business lobbyists are adding fuel to the fire. Some black Democratic congressmen have switched their votes to a “yes” because of Sen. Barack Obama's vote for this infamous bill. Some Republican Congressmen changed their votes thanks to provisions for small businesses added into the bill.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis of the pro-globalist Associated Press tells of this in a report for Yahoo News. You may read the report HERE.


The bill STILL would allow for the Treasury Secretary to have almost dictator-like powers regarding economic affairs, without oversight or control by any other branch of government.

The bill STILL won't guarantee an end or reduction of the financial crisis we're undergoing right now. Julian Delasantellis, writings for the Asia Times, points this out in a essay you can read HERE.

The bill STILL would cost the taxpayers $700 billion...minimum! Even the infamous globalist investment expert Warren Buffett says even this won't be enough. Chris Isidore, writing for the website, writes about what Buffett says HERE.

And it gets worse!

As my colleague Prof. Medaille pointed out yesterday, this bill would raise the debt ceiling to over $11 trillion. Yes, you read it right, and I'll repeat it in capital letters.


And it centralizes more power into government bureaucracies overseeing many provisions in this bill, which not only violates the Constitution but goes against a core principle of Distributist Thought – subsidiarity. That means taking cares of economic and political affairs at the lowest level possible – which means on the local level, not the Federal level.

The Congress will vote on this Friday. So you voice counts. Remember, they have cut down the amount of e-mails a Congressman can receive ON PURPOSE. And are denying it with a straight face. So when you send your e-mails demanding they vote “NO” on the Bailout bill, send it at off-peak hours. But keep up the pressure on them to resist the President and their party leaders.

If you call your Congressman, demand they vote “NO” to this so-called “Economic Rescue Act”. Be brief, be polite and to the point, for their staffers will probably be overloaded with calls Friday. As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” So be brief and be polite. Keep to the point.

Don't let the Congress get away with causing a Second Great Depression disguised as a so-called “economic rescue”. Demand the Congress vote “NO” on the so-called “Economic Rescue Act”.

And above all...pray, pray, pray and beg God Almighty for mercy. We don't deserve it but we need it.

And thank you all for your prayers and support of the Review. We appreciate it more than you know.


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