So far, the clamor from the average American to stop the so-called Bailout has rung in Congress' ears. Opposition is growing, but the powers-that-be are rushing to get this traitorous deal done soon. Democratic and Republican negotiators refuses to let it die, as they hammer out a deal to STILL pour $700 billion into the financial mess their regulations made long ago.

Economist and writer Joan Veon, in her current column at, warns that the new regulations Congress is proposing will not cure America's financial woes. It will start new ones and worse ones. The link to her current column is HERE – please read it.

Both President Bush and the Democrats claim that without this so-called Bailout, America will fall into recession or even a Second Great Depression. The truth is that this so-called Bailout will lead America into either or both fates.

The Review joins it's voice with Ms. Veon's and the millions nationwide to fight this legislative monster. With Ms. Veon, we urge you to call your Congressman and Senator NOW and demand that they vote “NO!” to this so-called Bailout.

Do not delay! Phone or e-mail them – phoning is preferred – and tell them to “VOTE NO ON THE BAILOUT!”


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