Happy Gilbert's Day 2008

Once again, we've come to another anniversary of the birth of the mighty G. K. Chesterton, co-founder of Distributism.

Our opponents enslaved in Socialism, Communism, many branches of Anarchism and Illuminism celebrate May 1st as their day, still believing in the lying global utopia of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Shaw and others of their ilk.

But if we Distributists have a day at all, it is at least May29th, Chesterton's birthday. Belloc's birthday is another.

On this day, please pray for the repose of Gilbert's soul, as well as his wife Frances. And let us recommit ourselves to working and praying for the dawn of a Distributist Earth...and nothing less.

To all our readers all over the world from us at the Review...HAPPY GILBERT'S DAY!!!


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