Distributism believes in decentralization as a key tenet. Part of how it can be applied is in food production. Decentralizing food production to as many people and groups as possible ensures that it remains plentiful and local. It also make a nation’s food production less susceptible to terrorist attacks, since small local producers would be less tempting a target for them. Hence it increases security and safety in a national food supply.

Advances in hydroponic gardening over the decades has made the expansion of local food production more in reach of the average family and neighborhood. But there is a right way to go about it that can make it easier on the wallet. The British Columbia-based bi-monthly magazine Maximum Yield has an article by Tim Walker called Gardening For Profit. It contains good tips on what fruits and vegetables can be grown and sold to meet local demand, as well as generating income to help pay the bills.

Enjoy the article and, if you’re able, put it into practice in your neighborhood this season.


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