This brief article, posted on May 3rd, comes from the small blog “jessnjim.net”.

Japan’s young people are starting to renounce working for either big corporations or big government. They are rediscovering the traditional arts and crafts, keeping the ancient ways alive while putting their own new twist on them. Thanks to the Internet, they are able to sell their goods worldwide at a fair price. All without sacrificing quality, deftly combining the functional with the beautiful, as European artisans and craftsmen did during the High Middle Ages.

This couple reports on this growing trend in their web log HERE.

This is excellent news. Slowly but surely, these Distributist trends are getting stronger in a Japan still reeling from a decade-plus long recession. Let’s hope Japan’s youth will read up on Distributism and the works of it’s co-founders, Belloc and Chesterton. Then let them act on what they read and ponder. In time, with God’s loving guidance, they will lead Japan towards a bright future - a Distributist future.


Athanasius Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 5:39:00 PM CDT  

as European artisans and craftsmen did during the High Middle Ages

And as their ancestors before American and European Industry corrupted their soul. What is interesting is that at the same time feudalism was taking shape in Europe, a similar form took place in Japan where Daimyo (which is the equivalent of a Lord) had farmers and craftsman who performed services for him, and in turn he had loyalties to the Shogun who was a servant of the Emperor (or regent more properly speaking), and the local "Knights" (Samarai in Japanese) also had fealty to the various Daimyo and they too possessed lands and fields. Everyone had their own plot which they tended. It is very much the case that this is in the Japanese soul, which got corrupted with American Industry.

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