This article, dated April 29th, is written by Nimfa Doroteo-Camua for the Sun-Star Davao, based in the Philippines.

Started four years ago, the Cooperative-LGU Partnership Awards (CLPA) recognizes Filipino cooperatives who work with local government to reduce poverty and unemployment. As noted by Camua, these cooperatives have, in turn, trained other co-ops to do similar services as they do.

One such co-op, the 15-year old Dingle Government Workers Credit Cooperative (DGWCC), has set up a produce center, a money transfer business and a health center. And this in addition to, among other things, financing scholarships for deserving students.

This is encouraging news. Nations like the Philippines are on the cutting edge in leading the Third World toward a Distributist future. When national governments keep their hands off local initiatives like what these co-ops are doing, that nations benefits in many ways. The poor and middle classes work together to improve their lot with their own resources and creativity. Local government is freed from socialist micro-management from the capitol.

It’s a win-win situation all around.

Congratulations to these award-winning co-ops. May you inspire others to reach similar heights.


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