This article, dated April 18th, is written by Stephen Lendman and posted on the controversial news and opinion website

The American postal service is raising it’s rates again for mail delivery, but along with that is a sinister rate change for small magazines.

Under the new plan, scheduled to start July 15th, Lendman reports that “small publications will pay postal rates as much as 20% higher than the largest ones”. Further, he reveals that the new policy “will adversely affect every small political journal in the nation including those providing the only print source of real news, information and analysis of vital world and national issues many readers rely on but may lose.”

Lendman also notes that there is evidence that the Time-Warner media conglomerate was the influence behind this new scheme. Furthermore, there was effectively NO national coverage of this matter until recently.

As usual, both big government and big business - Socialism and Capitalism - are at it again, centralizing the flow of information into fewer and fewer hands…theirs. This violates “subsidiarity”, which is a central tenet of Distributist Thought.

Time is short on this issue. The deadline for comments opposing this is MONDAY, APRIL 23. This weekend is critical in making your opposition to this behind-closed-doors scheme. Don’t let the Postal Service and Time-Warner deal a body-blow to the small press in this country.

The Review asks you to go to the website Follow the directions on the website and inform the Postal Board to stop this idiocy NOW! Then tell all you know to join in and stop this idiocy. Thank you for your prompt action.


Paul Pennyfeather Friday, April 20, 2007 at 9:50:00 AM CDT  

Wonderful post on the truly ridiculous rate increases that threaten to stifle free speech.

However, I followed the link to and was greeted with the usual idiotic nonsense about how Israel (the only civilized country in the Mid East) is responsible for terror attacks on the U.S. The logic is something a fourth grader could refute.

How sad that anyone wanting to know more about Distributism is just two clicks away from the most baseless slander of our times.

I know this is not the fault of The Distributist Review (who among us can police all the links of those we link to?), but those of us who, like the Distributist Review, are trying to inject a bit of sanity into our insane world should be wary of such garbage, and not hesitate to call its purveyors on the carpet.

Richard Aleman Friday, April 20, 2007 at 11:24:00 AM CDT  

Thanks for letting us know about this. It is a let down for all of us who are attempting to provide alternate forms of new and discussions.

In fact, I prefer the small publications not only because of Distributism, but frankly the smaller papers/magazines tend to have a higher caliber of content.

One final note - while it is true many small publications may turn to online versions (or already offer both)- there is a highlight to one's day when they receive The Remnant, The New Oxford Review or some other loved publication in the mail. The texture of a printed periodical, reclining with a good read in one's hands and diving into the latest words of a favourite journalist.

I'll take paper over a computer screen any day.

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