Zimbabwe Bank Chief Admits Disaster

From the controversial news and opinion website Rense.com comes the latest weekly e-mail from Cathy Buckle in Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia.

Dr. Gideon Gono, governor of the nation's Reserve Bank, confessed in a two hour public speech what - in other nations - would have gotten him killed. Gono revealed in detail how the country's nomenklatura robbed the poor and middle classes with worthless money-making schemes. They ranged from gold and diamond smuggling to fuel racketeering to bilking the neo-Marxist regime for seed and fertilizers for unproductive farms.

But in the end, Gono admitted, there would be no change in monetary policy. There couldn't be unless approved by the Mugabe dictatorship. And there is no likelihood of that happening soon.

Zimbabwe's troubles will have no end until the Fatima Consecration is done as Our Lady commanded, and the current neo-Marxist agenda is trashed in favor of Distributism.

Centralizing economic and political power into the hands of the few is a recipe for disaster. When Distributism takes root and flourishes in Zimbabwe, things will be much better.


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