Red China's Pollution Puzzle

This report - dated February 1st - is written by Andreas Lorenz and Wieland Wagner for the German establishment media weekly magazine Der Spiegel.

Communist China is hailed as the "workshop of the world" by the globalists and their allies in multinational business. It is also one of the world's most notorious polluters.

As Lorenz and Wagner report, the Marxist superpower adds a new coal-fired plant every seven to ten days. Her grasslands near the Mongolian border have become deserts and are expanding. The Mekong River, which has it's sources in China, has been dammed for hydroelectric power and is affecting rice and fish crops in Thailand and Cambodia. The Yangtze River, as famous as Russia's Volga or America's Mississippi, is dead in many spots thanks to ecological damage.

There is now greater emphasis on using alternative energy in China's energy mix. Many officials and politicians are waking up to the need for reversing the devastation to land, water and air. But the Chinese Communist Party view environmental issues as secondary matters. Their goal, along with staying in power and promting Marxism, is ensuring "modest prosperity" to their vast majority of poor people.

As Lorenz and Wagner note, pollution problems ruin 8%-10% of China's yearly gross domestic product. And over 400,000 Chinese die yearly from pollution-related problems.

So long as Communism holds sway in the Land of the Dragon, these disasters will never go away. A truly free China, learning about and practicing Distributism, will benefit from small-scale production and "green technologies". Until then, the "workshop of the world" will continue to poison the world's ecology.

And we will never stop suffering from it.


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