Free Speech Under Attack With New US Congress

This article from Paul Joseph Watson at the news and opinion website Prison Planet warns of two bills being introduced today to the new American Congress. These bills, under the disguise of stopping bullying in public schools for one and supporting local police in the other, criminalizes criticism of so-called "politically correct" classes so deemed by the Federal government.

Though freedom of speech is not an absolute, it nonetheless is necessary to expose corruption and defend Truth against it's destroyers. Furthermore, these laws put more power into the hands of the Federal government, removing it from local authorities - especially local police.

These bills, therefore, violate a key principle of Distributist Thought - "subsidiarity". That is, taking care of matters at the lowest level of government first.

We urge our American readers to call their Congressmen TODAY. Demand they vote "No" on both the "Antibullying Campaign of 2005" as well as the "The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act".

And thank you.


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