Pro-EU Leaders Still Push For Euro-State

According to poll results posted December 20th on the website, more and more Europeans want decisions on energy policy made closer to home.

The poll, taken from March to April of this year, notes that four out of ten Europeans want their particular national governments taking care of energy issues, rather than the neo-Soviet EU bureaucrats in Brussels. Even better, twelve percent want the local levels of administration to handle these issues.

EU bureaucrats, in a public announcement about the poll's findings, made this - for them - surprising statement:

"Citizens may think that when fast and effective decisions need to be taken, the authorities who are closest to citizens are usually the most efficient."

That is the principle of subsidiarity in a nutshell, and one of the core tenets of Distributist Thought. This principle was fought for when the currently shelved EU Constitution was voted down in the 2005 referendums in France and Holland.

But this stance and the referendem defeat hasn't stopped the pro-globalist elites running both the EU and national governments in favor of it. Germany's chancellor Angela Markel, who confered with her Danish and Finnish counterparts on December 19th, still advocates reviving the proposed Constitution. Germany takes over the presidency of the EU in January.

The battle against the threatened European "superstate" goes on and must go on until the day when the globalist elitists give up their scheme for good. The nations of Europe have too many differences between them. They won't be papered over by a man-made construct based on Socialism and secularism. So Distributists must continue to pray and to educate the public in Berlin, Paris, London, Rome and elsewhere about the evils of the EU until it is dissolved forever.


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