Light in the North Korean Darkness

We thank Joshua Andreas, our colleague at The Western Confucian, for this encouraging report.

According to the Daily NK, which tracks the struggle for freedom in the Satanic dictatorship of North Korea, there was a mass protest of small shopkeepers in the city of Hioryeong. They were protesting the planned merger of the markets into one big one. Police shut down the protest by force, and there is no information on how many were arrested, if any.

Even in the depths of this Communist tyranny, the people are reacting in a way that heralds the yearning for some form of Distributism. Some good news is better than none at all.

Pray for the suffering people of North Korea.


Paul Pennyfeather Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 9:25:00 PM CST  

This is certainly reason for hope. Interesting that even in the darkness of communism small shop keepers are threatened with state-enforced mergers to produce a single, gargantuan market.

Something the globalists should ponder...if they ever ponder anything.

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