Don't Depend on Democrats

The Bush Administration has all but destroyed habeus corpus with the signing of the Military Commisions Act of 2006. This has all but gutted the Constitution for citizens and non-citizens alike. In light of this and other scandals involving the Republicans, many are hoping the Democrats controlling one or both Houses of Congress will begin to fix things.

Columnist Devvy Kidd, writing for the news and opinion website News With Views, strongly disagrees. Both Democrats and Republicans have eaten away at our rights and freedoms for decades. Globalists have - in effect - controlled both parties for a long time. Members of BOTH parties have voted for both PATRIOT Acts. They also voted for Clinton's so-called "Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996", which helped to pave the way for the so-called PATRIOT Acts.

Only when America learns more about Distributism - and puts it's tenets into practice - will we see this once-great country recover it's greatness. Not before.


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