Sharpe Interview Aftermath

These last four days in the wake of the John Sharpe interview - including Thursday - have been nothing short of phenomenal.

This weblog usually gets between 15 to 20 hits a day.

On Thursday, we received about 250 hits!

On Friday, we got around 110 hits!

On Saturday, we got roughly 75 hits!

On Sunday, we got around 55 hits!

And today, Monday, we so far have got 75 hits!

The vast majority of them came from the USA, spanning the vastness of our nation. But we also had visitors from...

Brazil - Argentina - Uruguay - Canada - Ireland - UK - France - Czech Republic - Germany - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Sweden - Bosnia - Egypt - Turkey - Australia - New Zealand

We've have positive responses from the Traditio in Radice weblog, as well as the Fisheaters discussion forum.

Strangely though, there has been no response - either positive or negative - from the Angelqueen forum. That forum, run by Mr. John Grasmeier, has been a major opponent of Mr. Sharpe and his work in the past. And alas, he still believes that Distributism is a form of Socialism, which is not true at all.

But Mr. Grasmeier is no stranger to controversy, whether economic, political or religious - especially on a mini-controversy regarding the last seer of the Fatima Apparitions, the late Sr. Lucy of Fatima.

That there has been no response either way regarding the interview seems a little puzzling. If I'm wrong on this, I will stand corrected. Hopefully, such a situation will be resolved in the near future.

In any case, whether approving or not, we thank all our readers for reading the interview and pondering what was said. We again thank Mr. Stephen Heiner of TrueRestoration for his kind permission in posting the interview, as well as Mr. Sharpe for his participation in it.


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