Czech Center-Right May Win

This report, dated June 3rd, is written by Alan Crosby for the pro-globalist news service Reuters, and put up on the Swiss-based news website SwissInfo.

Reports are that the center-right Civic Democrats will win majority control of the Czech parliament during elections this weekend. If partnered with the Christian Democrats, they will have 104 of the 200 seats in Prague's parliament.

Their rivals, the Social Democrats, have been rocked with scandals for the last eight years. Further, many Czechs are leary of further dealings with the European Union. The Civic Democrats are against any further "integration" with the EU than what the country has currently.

As far as we Distributists are concerned, we hope that the new government will proceed - step-by-step - to eventually leave the EU for good.

Further, if what Crosby wrote is correct and the Czech Green Party may join the Civic Democrats and Christian Democrats in the new government, then Prague should life tax burdens and government over-regulations on both small businesses and worker-owned, worker-managed co-operatives. It should further investigate the dark dealings of the old Communist tyranny in their past.

Also they should look to increase further development of domestic energy production - including alternative and even "fringe science" energy - so as to be more independent from both Middle Eastern and Russian sources.

Finally, let it begin to roll back the policies that favor the Sexual Revolution, and craft policies to strenghten the traditional and extended family.

Let's hope for the best from the new government in Prague, and pray God will guide their minds and hearts.


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