Small Engine Maker Has Big Dreams

This article, written by David Pitt of the pro-globalist Associated Press, was found on the website of the Lodi, California based Lodi News-Sentinel.

President Bush said during his 2006 State of the Union Address that America was "addicted to oil", and that such a state needed to be changed. We at the DR agree, which is why we applaud a company like the Iowa-based Hydrogen Energy Center Inc. They are working on a "multi-fuel engine" that can replace gasoline-based ones in buses, trucks, forklifts and tractors. The fuels would include hydrogen, ethanol, propane, gas from landfills and so on.

They are even looking into ways to use - if possible - ammonia as a alternative fuel.

This is good news, as reducing Ameirca's dependence on foreign oil is as important as re-creating the country's industrial sector on a small business and co-operative foundation. This is Distributism in action. Such companies should be congratulated and encouraged.

And if both political parties in Washington had any sense, they would stop over-regulating both small businesses and co-operatives. They would let companies like Hydrogen Energy help to rebuild our economy.

So keep pressuring them to do so. Never let up until they do so.


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