DR Gaining More Readers - Slowly

According to the influential website ranking source Alexa, this tiny weblog is increasing in readership.

On the Alexa scale, the smaller your number, the larger your reach and influence. As of today, we rank 3, 640, 138th on their scale. So we are nowhere near the Top 100,000, which gets daily tracking. Maybe we will never reach it at all. God's Holy Will be done in any case.

But as of today, May 16th, in the last three months - thanks to you reading us and telling others about us - we are up in the ranks by over 1.4 million in the last three months!

Please keep up the good work informing folks about us and Distributism as a whole.

And please keep praying for us at the DR. Thank you so very much.


Terry Friday, May 26, 2006 at 12:47:00 PM CDT  

I found you all through Dale Price's blog. This was right after a friend at my parish was telling me about Flee to the Fields; he let me borrow it on Easter Sunday and I blew through it in about two days. And all this after stumbling across Dave Ramsey, whom you all reference below, on the radio. And I just finished Rod Dreher's Crunchy Cons.

My wife and I are currently using the "snowball method" to get out of debt, and have become much more conscientious shoppers.

I don't believe any of the above was a coincidence.

Keep up the great work!

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