Norwegian Left Calls For Employee Management

This report from the English language page of the Norwegian daily Aftenposten is dated December 2nd.

The head of the Socialist Left party in Norway's parliament is calling for legislation to allow 40% of a company's ownership to be turned over to it's employees. Some problems arise from this report.

One, there is not enough information on how big the company will be for said employee ownership to happen.

Two, will this apply to all industries or only certain sectors?

Three, is there any proviso in the language of this law that will sneak in the government into part ownership of these companies? If so, this would be dangerous for both company and employees.

Four, why is a Socialist party - which is no friend of a true market economy - proposing this legislation?

There is not enough information here to make a good opinion one way or the other. It seems to be a positive move toward a Distributist economy, but with the Socialists making the effort, it raises suspicions in the mind.

We will keep an eye on this situation.


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