Will Vermont Leave the USA?

This article from Greg Szymanski from the alternative news website Arctic Beacon, given via the huge alternative news website Rense.com, tells of the first meeting on October 28th in Montpelier, Vermont. This meeting was the first formal convention meeting to discuss whether the state of Vermont should secede from the American Union and regain her independence.

Vermont was an independent nation from 1777 until it joined the Union in 1794.

Both liberals and conservatives attended, with many supporting the resolution. According to Szymanski's report, even the state's lieutenant governor expressed approval, though he stopped far short of supporting secession. The state's Congressional delegation and Governor, at best, think it is just "political theatre". Critics believe it will never work, supporters believe otherwise.

What this shows is that America is not immune from the same forces that broke Czechoslovakia and the original Yugoslavia apart. Prayerful concern and caution must be exercised by all sides, for secession is a serious matter.


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