Pakistan Needs Green Energy

This article, written by Hussain Ahmad Siddiqui, is from the November 14th edition of the Pakistan-based daily newspaper The Dawn.

Siddiqui calls for his country, especially the rural and earthquake-prone north, to use alternative energy to help bring electricity to his suffering nation. Since Pakistan is on the front line in the war against the Taliban, this is a good policy. As we have stated in the past, de-centralizing the electrical grid makes it a less-tempting target for terrorists to knock out. Thus it reduces any chaos resulting from lack of power for homes and businesses.

This is one crucial step for Pakistan to become a Distributist nation, at least regarding her energy policy. This can only benefit the people there, especially the poor, and help make it less dependent on oil. The government in Karachi should implement this policy as quickly as possible, and good luck to them in doing it.


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