Back Big Families, Says Pope

This report, dated November 2nd, is written by the Associated Press, published by the left-wing London Guardian.

The Holy Father, Benedict XVI - the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger - called for the world's nations to support large families. Speaking to members of the Italian Numerous Families Association, the Vicar of Christ called for governments and society to encourage large families, especially in light of Europe's declining birth rate. Both Italy and Spain have even lower rates than the rest of the continent.

Supporters of the Sexual Revolution in all it's aspects will whine about supposed "over-population" of the Earth, despite the advance being made in feeding the world, especially by organic methods and so on. They will complain about not wanting to deal with the "burden" of children if they can help it. Chesterton - prophet that he was - anticipated this back in 1930, when he wrote in the Illustrated London News:

"I might inform those humanitarians who have a nightmare of new and needless babies (for some humanitarians have that sort of horror of humanity) that if the recent decline in the birth-rate were continued for a certain time, it might end in there being no babies at all; which would console them very much."

Hurrah for the Holy Father and his support for life and families. And down with the Sexual Revolution!


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