Ted Kennedy At It Again

We reported on the 17th of this month that a fraudulent anti-"hate crime" bill was threatened with passage. Said bill would have made illegal criticism of the Sexual Revolution and certain aspects of it, as similar laws have done in Canada, Holland, Belguim, Sweden and so on.

Now Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), who was behind such bills in the past is at it again, trying to tie in his defeated bill - S. 1145 - onto the Sex Offenders Registration Act, which is S. 1086.

So once again, we ask the American readers of the DR to call your Senators, and demand they vote NO on adding Kennedy's anti-genuine free speech amendment to S. 1086. The information on what to do is here from the alternative news website Rense.com.

Time is of the essence. Call your Senators today, Friday, and tell them NO on this amendment. And pray, pray, pray. Thank you.

And for our foreign readers, we again encourage you to begin efforts to repeal those laws that forbid you to criticize the Sexual Revolution. Do not ever take no for an answer. And thank you as well.


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