QUARTERLY UPDATE - July 1st to Sept. 30th

Dear friends and neighbors,

We at the DR want to thank you so much for your continued reading of this web log. From the last information we’ve read, there are over eight million weblogs on the Internet. Most of them have only between five and twenty readers a day. Thanks to you, we are slowly growing faster than that average.

Thanks to mention of us in Gilbert Magazine, the publication of the American Chesterton Society, our readership per day has grown near the end of this period (July 1st to September 30th). We are also mentioned on the Traditional Catholic message board Angelqueen.org, and that has also increased our readership. We are now averaging between 25 and 30 readers a day.

We have had readers from various levels of government and business in the USA, and we cannot thank you enough for considering us as part of your daily reading of news and opinions.

During this period, we also have had an increase of readers from colleges and universities in the USA, Canada and other countries. Of note, we have had readers from:

Christendom College in Virginia
Catholic University of America
University of Tennessee
University of Michigan
Yale University
Villanova University
Gonzaga University
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Missouri Baptist College
Tufts University
Vanderbilt University
Penn State University
University of Notre Dame
Wheaton College, Illinois
University of Toronto, Ontario
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Australian Catholic University
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
University of Malta

And our foreign readership has been no less impressive. During the last three months, we’ve had readers from:

England - Slovakia - Malta - Hungary - Philippines - Portugal - Italy - Australia - Canada - Brazil - Poland - Sweden - Germany - France - French Polynesia - India - Finland - Czech Republic - Norway - Singapore - Israel - South Africa - Belgium - Pakistan - New Zealand - Argentina - Japan - Iran - Netherlands - Turkey - Mexico - Chile

One may think this is much ado about almost nothing, but that is not so. Chesterton said that: “Thanks are the highest form of thought.” So it seems only right, fair and just to thank you all for considering reading this web log. We hope this will inform you as well as encourage you to learn more about Distributism, it’s co-founders Belloc and Chesterton, and challenge you to promote it in your neighborhood and nation.

Finally, we ask you all to please keep the Review and we three contributors to it, as well as our families, in your daily prayers. Thanks to those prayers, and the mercy of Our Savior, we can stay on the Internet and do our part to bring forth a future Distributist Earth.

Again, thank you all. May Jesus and Mary richly bless you and your families.


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