"Anti-Hate" Bill A Fraud

We just received news of a bill going through the American Senate that would - if passed - make illegal criticism of homosexual activity and activism, as well as allow prosecution of anti-war and pro-life advocates under "hate crime" legislation.

Furthermore, it will take away the state's power to enforce local hate crime laws, putting it all in the hands of the Federal government. Centralizing power into fewer hands goes against every belief of Distributist Thought.

The Protestant group National Prayer Network is asking all concerned Americans to contact their Republican Senators to vote NO to S. 1145. This link shows how where the anti-free speech provisions are buried in the bill. This is the same trick the Congress used to pass the infamous Real ID Card bill, burying it within a bill to fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please, don't let them get away with a similar trick to slice away our freedom to criticize the government and the Sexual Revolution. Go to this link to find out what you must do NOW to stop this horrid bill. And please keep praying for victory. Thank you.


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