New Book Exposes KGB Schemes In India

As reported on Sunday the 18th from the left-wing Associated Press via Yahoo News, a new book just published exposed KGB activity in India during the 1970's.

According to the report, the book - called The Mitokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World - tells how Russian agents in the Indian government swayed Indira Ghandi's government to suspend civil liberties and arrest the opposition for over a year and a half. Also, as was mentioned in the excerpt printed by the Sunday Hindustan Times, nine candidates of Ghandi's Congress Party were actually KGB agents.

The Communist Party of India has denied the reports - which is par for the course for them. The Congress Party released a statement of September 19th, as reported in the Asian Age, denying it was infiltrated by the KGB, claiming it was - effectively - a lie of "Western propaganda". (NOTE: Link to article may have changed at the time of this writing.)

Thankfully, KGB operations during that time weren't always successful. As Indrajit Hazra wrote in the September 19th edition of the Hindustan Times, the book's author Christopher Andrew points out that the Soviet agents often exaggerated their achievements to their bosses in the Kremlin. This link will relate what happened when their dictator Leonid Brezhnev paid a visit to India in 1973.

The Asian Age interviewed Andrew, who is a professor at Cambridge University in England. He admitted he was "baffled" at the reaction it has stirred in India. He noted that the documents the book was based on have "been in the public domain for years".

This shows then - and now - that Communism was always a threat to the stability and harmony of a nation, whether India or America or any other. And with Russia and China co-operating further in economic and military matters in recent years, one cannot dismiss that the prospect of a Second Cold War is on the horizon.

Perhaps if India were a more stable nation by implementing Distributist policies, rather than Socialist ones, the KGB might not have made many inroads into the Indira Ghandi administration. Let this be a warning to us all to beware of pro-Socialist/Communist activity wherever we may find it.


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M.Z. Monday, September 19, 2005 at 9:26:00 PM CDT  

While I certainly share your apprehension to communism, I wouldn't say that Russian and Chinese cooperation is a bad thing; a bad thing defined as something worth acting against. Russia seems to be on the path of autonomy which as far as distributism goes is a great thing. China is another issue, but regrettably we are feeding that habit.

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