Kidd's Alarm To America's Mayors

While news of the misery of New Orleans since Katrina hit it is spreading, as well as news of both accidental and purposeful sabotaging of relief efforts by the Federal government, comes this very hard-hitting column from columnist and former Congressional candidate Devvy Kidd. The new column is on the right-wing website

In light of what has been going on, it is apt that we listen to Mrs. Kidd's concerns and analysis. We Distributists are as concerned as every other decent human being regarding the pain and suffering going on in New Orleans. But we must, at the same time, not allow those in either big government or big business to take advantage of the pure hell infecting the "Big Easy".

We encourage all of our readers, here in America and world-wide, to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, as well as the heroic rescue workers striving to cleanup the city and heal the wounded.

And again, we encourage you to visit the website of Network For Good and do what you can to aid the sick and sorrowing of New Orleans. May the Lord and Our Lady of Fatima richly bless you always.


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