CAFTA Fallout Beginning

This article, written on August 2nd by the left-wing Associated Press, was put on the website of Agri News. This publication covers agricultural news and affairs in Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Members of a sugar beet growing co-operative may be voting against a Minnesota US Senator and Representative for voting in favor of CAFTA. Co-op members fear - rightly so - that cheap (and possibly subsidized) sugar imports will flood American markets. This would, in turn, hurt their operations and put more people out of work.

The men and women who voted for this horrid Agreement - using the same old lies that got NAFTA passed - have none to blame but themselves if they incure the voter's wrath. Those who voted for this travesty - whatever their party affiliation - must be voted out.

And the same applies to those politicians in Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and five of the six Central American nations who also voted for this Agreement.

For the economic and political futures of our respective nations, and for a Distributist future, let us begin now to work towards repealing both CAFTA and well as fight any move to pass the planned FTAA.


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