The London Horror

We at the DR send our prayers and condolences to the families of the dead and injured in the London subway and bus bombings. We beg Our Lord to send them all His strength to endure their losses, as well as His abiding peace in their hearts and souls.

We also salute the brave policemen/women, firemen and medical personnel, who still have to pick up the pieces of broken bodies and shattered lives in the wake of this disaster. May Our Lord ease your burdens and give you all courage and hope.

As far as the who truly did this and why, there are still too many unanswered questions. The investigations are only getting underway now. A suppossed branch of al-Qu'eda claims responsibility. If they have done so, let these bloodthirsty villians be hunted down and smashed to pieces.

However, if they didn't do it.......who really did? We at the Review will not point fingers, but certain things and events are just not adding up right.

Here are the unanswered questions.....

1) London has over 4 1/2 million close-circuit television cameras in the city, more than any other spot on Earth. According to news reports, eight thousand of them are in their subway system. The average Londoner shows up on these cameras around 300 times a day. How could these cameras not have been able to pick up the trail of these murderers and alerted either local police or Scotland Yard?

2) Tony Blair, the UK's current Prime Minister, was in Scotland at the time for the yearly "G-8" conference with President Bush, Chirac, Putin and the other leaders of these nations. This fact was broadcasted over world media. And he and the others were well protected, with everything from security checkpoints to anti-aircraft missle batteries. Is this why the demons of al-Qu'eda didn't strike there?

3) London, the day before, rejoiced that it would be the site for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Why would al-Qu'eda strike the day after the announcement? Does it benefit them...or the Blair government?

4) Some of those subway and bus bombs were planted at stations which members of London's Muslim communityuse daily to commute to work and shop. Why would al-Qu'eda bomb these places which would only hurt their own community and generate further hatred against Muslims? Does it benefit them...or the Blair government?

5) Recent polls revealed that up to 80% of British citizens would refuse to accept a mandated National ID Card, which would be required in order to get work, travel or receive medical services. Why would Al-Qu'eda want to scare the British people into reversing their stance? Does it benefit them...or the Blair government?

6) Recent reports came out that the British Army would be withdrawing some of their troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan. This was one of the reasons that al-Qu'eda said why it was fighting. Why then do something that would only encourage the British to reverse their position and keep the troops there? Does it benefit them...or the Blair government?

7) In light of the French and Dutch rejection of the European Union constitution, and the Blair government canceling plans for a public referendum of their own on the subject, would these bombings drive the UK further into the EU? Wouldn't al-Qu'eda want a divided Europe, rather than a united one hunting those cutthroats and fiends down? Does it benefit them...or the Blair government?

There are many more unanswered questions emerging from the carnage and sorrow of the London Horror, questions that - as usual - the so-called "mainstream media" are not covering, or even asking. In the US, we can count on the newspapers and TV commentators - both liberal and neo-conservative - not bringing up these or other questions, so as to not get either ridiculed or fired.

But we must ask these questions, follow each trail where it leads, seek out the truth wherever it is, and find the evildoers who destroyed so many lives on July 7th. As well as whoever is truly behind them.

As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put into the mouth of his greatest creation, Sherlock Holmes:

"Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains - however improbable - is the truth."

So this must be applied to all the circumstances surrounding the London Horror. If it is Al-Qu'eda, scour the Earth until they are found and brought to justice. If it is someone matter, do likewise.

For as Shakespeare put into the mouth of Hamlet:

"Foul deeds will rise, though all the Earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes."

Whoever did this series of Satanic acts, if they - God forbid - escape justice in this life, will not escape Divine Justice in the next. Count on it.

We'd also like to ask the Catholic readers of this weblog to pray the Traditional Rosary for the dead and injured of the London Horror, as well as their families. Pray also for the police, fire and medical workers who are doing their utmost to clean up and sort through the horrible mess. Pray also that justice may be done, and the guilty be prosecuted, no matter who or where they are.

And please pray also for us at the Review. Without your prayers for us, we would go nowhere.

Thank you.


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