Gas From Biomass Miracle

This announcement, originally put on the controversial news website, is written by Pure Energy Systems News.

The Canadian energy company SynGas Energy Corp, recently bought by Fairchild International, has developed a generator that can produce "synthetic natural gas" from carbon-based waste material like wood pulp, biomass and even low-grade coal. This is a phenomenal event and much needed good news!

As we've stated in the past on the DR, Distributism believes in de-centralizing energy production. Not only does it take it out of the hands of both big government and big business, but by creating more - and smaller - sources for energy, we make them less of a target for terrorists to destroy. Thus it increases a nation's energy security, whether America's, Russia's or any other nation.

In addition, if a major part of the electrical grid goes down - because of an accident or freak of nature - these smaller energy sources can pick up the slack. For history buffs, when New York City lost its power in the "Big Blackout", chaos and looting ensued. So to keep a city calm in the face of major power disruptions - and thus sparing local police headaches they don't need or deserve - local power generation is vital.

So congratulations to both SynGas Energy and Fairchild International from us at the DR. God bless you both!


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