Beijing's Chains on Zimbabwe Media

This article, brought via the controversial news website, is from the daily newspaper The Scotsman, and written by Trevor Grundy.

As we mentioned in previous posts, Zimbabwe will only get worse unless it is freed from the Mugabe dictatorship and its loyalty to Marxism-Leninism. While her people starve, her roads and bridges crumble, her small businesses and co-ops wither, and racism against out-of-power blacks and whites festers, the Mugabe regime receives aid from their fellow comrades in Red China. This time around, though, the help is to squelch both the Internet and independent media, just like in other nations.

The West, fearful of being called "racist" and "re-colonizers" will do nothing to overthrow Mugabe. Their rivals in Moscow and Beijing, still committed to a global Marxist utopia, will not strike a fellow Red regime, so long as it follows the new Sino-Russian party line.

And so Zimbabwe, like too many other Third World nations, is crucified anew. Only Divine Intervention, along with the installation of a Distributist society, will heal that sad country's misery.

Pray for Zimbabwe. For in Christ's eyes, no prayer is ever wasted.


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