Merger Madness Hits Us Again!

This funny but poignant column is written by Greg Crosby, a former creative head of Walt Disney publications, and found in the Jewish World Review.

This article is based on the announcement that Federated Department Stores will buy out May Department Stores for about US$ 11 billion. All to be able to compete with - you guessed it - Wal-Mart and K-Mart and Target.

Crosby calls this process "the MacDonaldization of retailing". Ouch! He hits the nail on the head here.

Chesterton criticized this a long time ago, calling it "standardization by a low standard".

Let this be incentive to spur us on to pray and work harder for the eventual downfall of the chain store phenomenon, in favor of small stores and retail co-ops. No matter how long it takes!


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