Iowa Co-ops Under Siege

This article comes from the Times-Republican in Central Iowa.

According to the Iowa Farmers Union(IFU), there is a bill being proposed in Iowa's state government that would "allow outside investors to take over existing Iowa cooperatives and funnel profits out of state". The new law would allow half-and-half ownership by members and outsiders.

According to IFU vice president Kevin Miskell, the most likely targets for takeover bids would be co-ops dealing with rural telephone service, rural electricity and grain.

This proposed legislation must be stopped cold! Co-operatives are part and parcel of a future Distributist America, folks helping each other out in their own communities. If you live in Iowa, farmer or no, contact the IFU for more info. If you live outside Iowa, make sure your local legislature does not write or enact similar laws. And contact the IFU anyway and ask how you can help.


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