Austria Against Starbucks!

This article, written by Sonya Lee of the Los Angeles Times, was published in the Houston Chronicle, and found it's way onto the controversial news website

The report, dated December 28th, 2004, tells how the global coffeehouse chain Starbucks has stagnated in breaking into the Austrian market. It's ten coffeehouses in Vienna have shrunk to eight. They boasted that they would open sixty by the start of 2005. They are not even near that.

Congratulations to all Viennese from we Distributists for standing up to Starbucks and pushing them back.

We only wish you would do the same to the Socialists, Reds, neo-Nazis and Sexual Revolutionaries that infest the government, economy and culture of your lovely nation. Have you forgotten the bright legacy of Engelbert Dollfuss, who stood up to both Hitler's Berlin and Stalin's Moscow in his day, and was murdered for love of Christ and Austria?

Let Austria re-discover her heritage, defy the EU and the UN, and be restored as a pillar of Central European becoming Distributist and pro-family.


Richard Aleman Wednesday, January 5, 2005 at 10:30:00 AM CST  

Amen brother! One wonders how Arnie can claim to have distanced himself from Socialist Austria all the while advocating socialism in the great state of California!

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