Skousen's Global Analysis

This long essay is from strategic analysist and economic/political newsletter editor Joel M. Skousen. His newsletter World Affairs Brief is detailed and accurate. His manner comes off as sober and realistic, his gathering of facts and discernment of trends admirable.

Skousen sees the next decade as critical in the fight for freedom. His analysis sees three players on the world scene - Russia, Red China and the Globalist West - vying for either domination or guidance of overall events. Whoever wins, it seems economic and political liberty will not.

He also looked deeply into the US Presidential election, as well as the first Bush term, and sees a continuation of Clinton-era policies.

Skousen is not a Distributist. Not enough people in the world are. Perhaps one day, if he ever finds out about what Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors left us, he may join our side. But his is the most frank and earnest observation of global events I have read so far.

They must not be dismissed lightly.

And we Distributists, MUST act accordingly.

There is a world to help God set free from the ideologies of Marx, Lenin, Mao, Hitler and Adam Smith. Let us both pray and work harder than we have in the past to set it free.


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