Communism Never Died

This report of December 1st, written by Toby Westerman, is from the monthly intelligence newsletter International News Analysis.

Mr. Westerman's report on Moscow's links with China, Cuba, India, Brazil and others only confirms what we've said at the Review from a while back. That is, Putin, Hu Jintao, Castro and the rest are positioning themselves to set up a rival New World Order to the ones both Wsahington and Brussels are setting up.

Distributism opposes Communism and it's pretentions for a "world dictatorship of the proletariat", as much as it opposes socialism, fascism and capitalism. We don't want Russia and China to conquer the US, anymore than we want the US to conquer them. We want all nations to become Godly, pro-family and Distributist, living in peace with each other in Christ the King.


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