Red Regimes Do Trade Deals

This article, from the left-wing Associated Press, was put up on the neo-conservative news website

The Communist regimes of Red China and Cuba, once foes during Round One of the Cold War - Cuba backing Moscow-style Marxism over Beijing's version - signed huge trade and investments deals on November 23rd. Red Chinese dictator Hu Jintao, who recently succeeded Jiang Zemin as head of that suffering nation, signed a deal with the Castro tyranny resulting in a half-billion US dollar investment in Cuba's production of nickle.

Agreements were also signed to increase electronics trade with the Beijing regime, which is Cuba's third largest trading partner. Money was donated for Cuban hospitals, along with plans to teach Chinese to Cuban students.

Castro, in a ceremony with Hu on Tuesday, proclaimed "Socialism will definitively remain as the only hope for peace and survival of our species."

To which Chesterton would have replied, "BOSH!"

As has happened in the past, these Red fiends continue to promote their "dictatorship of the proletariat". They continue to strengthen economic and political ties with deals like this, so as to build their version of a New World Order, rather than support their rival Order builders in Washington, Brussels and others. All the while, Marxist materialism continues to crush the Cuban and Chinese peoples.

Both Cuba and China will be safer and saner societies when they renounce their alliegance to Marx and Lenin (and Mao in China's case), and heed the common sense solutions of Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors.


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