Crucified Between Two Thieves

"Then were crucified with Him two thieves: one on the right hand, and one on the left."
Gospel of St. Matthew 27: 38

Whoever wins tonight's American presidential election, Bush or Kerry, the American people will lose.


From the Distributist stance, neither candidate will benefit the USA.

Both men believe in "free trade" and "free trade zones".

Both men believe in expanding the power of government, albeit in different directions.

Both men would make some type of deal with big businesses, since both candidates have received contributions from them.

Both candidates believe in remaining in the UN, the WTO and the World Bank.

Both refuse to get the US out of NAFTA.

Both would do nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US.

Both believe in abortion at some point in a pregnancy.

Both support one form or another of the Sexual Revolution.

Both refuse to protect family farms, and ease the burden on small businesses and co-operatives.

Both refuse to cut big government control over public schools.

Both refuse to shore up the military by cutting corruption.

Both refuse to put the dollar back on the gold standard or better.

Both refuse to stop all foreign aid whatsoever, especially in these times of record budget and trade deficits.

Both are committed globalists, having no quarrels with the US swallowed up into a future "world government".

Both belong to the evil Yale University-based secret society, the Order of Skull and Bones.

With all this in mind, we say again, whoever wins the White House for the next four years, the American people will lose. It breaks a Distributist heart to say it, but it is true. "Hudge and Gudge" are still in control in Washington, D.C.

Miserere nobis, Jesu Domine. Mater Misericordiae, oremus. Sancte Josephus, oremus.


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