Minnesota Mini-Radio Crusade

This bit of good news is from the computer news website Wired, which was also put on the controversial news website Rense.com.

The Walker Art Center of Minneapolis is behind a project that helps folks to start their own micro-radio station. Broadcasting at a maximum power of one watt, these stations can reach a maximum of 200 feet. but the purpose of this project is to show how big business is swallowing up the radio airwaves, where a lot of folks still get their news and opinions.

It is important to note that the major groups pushing for "radio diversity" are - alas - on the American far left. Therefore, they would more than likely ban any voice advocating right-wing or centrist politics. And if Distributism ever got a voice on the airways, they would seek to squish it on an ideological basis.

But this effort in Minneapolis is a noble effort and - as far as America is concerned - should be replicated and adapted to its various regions.

Along with it must continue efforts to break both big business' hold on mainstream radio, as well as hindering big government/Socialist groups from gaining control of it as well.


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