Ferrara Against the Libertarians

This link is to a massive, footnoted broadside against libertarian capitalism by Christopher Ferrara, a columnist for the Traditional Catholic bi-weekly The Remnant. Mr. Ferrara is also head of the American Catholic Lawyers Association (ACLA), a Traditional Catholic opponent of both the secular left-wing ACLU and their Evangelical Protestant foes in the ACLJ - at least in some religious matters.

Ferrara makes a huge, detailed critique of the flaws of libertarian capitalist thinking, especially of two of it's "leading lights", Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard. Overall, it is solid reading, very thoughtful in it's analysis from a Traditional Catholic standpoint.

One minor point of disagreement with Ferrara is his comparison of modern day Malta, which is run under mostly Catholic auspices. He compares it to straw-man style "distributist" visions of rude cabins and cow farms, as he mentions briefly near the end of his article. What the intent or context of what he said is is unknown - at least to myself - but this is the only fly in the soup, so to speak.

This is, overall, a powerhouse of an essay and is highly recommended.


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