Dude, where's my job?

In Today's Arizona State University Web Devil (Tuesday, October 19, 2004) ASU student Lily Yan comments on the dismal outsourcing trend noting that:

Both President Bush and Sen. Kerry touched on this issue during Wednesday's debate, yet neither candidate was able to promise much in terms of American job security.

Bush, who has been accused of rewarding companies that outsourced jobs with tax breaks, discussed how the root of job security is in education, and he diverted the issue completely.

Kerry's rhetoric included tax credits for businesses that continue to hire at home, but he admitted, "outsourcing is going to happen." In addition, Lou Dobbs' new book, "Exporting America," exposes that 40 out of 200 of Kerry's major supporters are also top executives of outsourcing companies.

The senator wants to "level the playing field," yet he benefits from those that are most advantageous on the field. This leads me to believe that maybe these two candidates can agree on something.

Probably even more end of the article it says

Lily Yan is a political science and journalism junior who doesn't want her job to be shipped to India.
Sorry Lily, I wouldn't count on that.


Anonymous,  Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 11:43:00 AM CDT  

I wouldn't mind outsourcing half so much if the jobs weren't leaving for halfway around the world. My kind of job is perfect for remote working. It would be ideal if I could have my long-planned-for three acres and a cow and work remotely, and I'd be willing to take a good-sized pay cut. (Just like Chesterton said, sometimes distributism can be promoted by intermediary measures which aren't distributist in essence.)

My company wouldn't hear of it, too many technical/security problems etc.

But a year or two after that, suddenly it was no problem to outsource the exact same job to India. There are plenty of problems with the outsourcing, incidentally - most of them having to do with language, cultural and training issues, the things that wouldn't exist if it was *me* working remotely. But still, they won't hear of me working remotely. It's really infuriating!

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