Update On Maoist Rebellion

On July 31st, I reported on how Maoist Communists were wrecking the Indian Sub-Continent with their rebellions and terror. Well, things in Nepal are getting worse. Since the enthronement of their new King, there has been a rise in total misery for that poor nation. And the last month has hit Nepal hard like a punch in the stomach.

On the heels of the Maoist rebels ending their blockade of the capital, the government had to impose a curfew after rioting erupted over the deaths of 12 Nepalis by Iraqi kidnappers.

The current government is hoping for peace talks with the Maoist rebels, but according to the BBC, the head of the Nepali Maoists said that won't happen. They still aim to replace the monarchy with a Maoist Communist state. They complain of caste prejudice and lack of help for the poor as the main spurs to action and terror.

But Nepal's problems will not be solved by the nation becoming another Communist state, nor helping fellow Maoist rebels in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Let them learn about Distributism, as well as bring in the Gospel and end the caste system, and Nepal will have a better chance of survival.


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