Stop the American National ID Card Scam!

There is a recently established weblog that is tracking a horrid scheme to shove a National ID Card scheme down the throats of Americans. Using the disaster of 9/11 as an excuse, both Democratic and Republican senators and congressmen want to force Americans to carry the equivalent of the old Soviet "internal passport" on them always.

Or else!

A coalition of groups, from the pro-Communist ACLU to the American Conservative Union and Eagle Forum, have joined forces to demand Congress stop this made rush to throw away freedom for an illusion of security. They are already considering it in the UK, and they have gone far down the path toward an Orwellian dictatorship. Other nations have done likewise, and it has not helped to reduce terrorist threats there.

There is a London-based group called Privacy International that tracks horrid schemes for expanding big government like National ID Cards. Please bookmark them, and let them know about us.

Also, please bookmark the blog "Say No To a National ID Card", and take action to make the US Congress stop this madness.

If reading this overseas, and your nation already has such a card system in place, begin an education campaign where you are to revoke it for good, no matter how long it takes. And please keep us informed on such efforts, with our thanks.

In future, we will have Privacy International as a link on this blog.


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