The Curse Of Euthanasia in the UK

This report from the September 19th edition of the London Observer, via the far-left wing London Guardian, reports that British doctors have been murdering at least 18,000 terminally ill patients per year.

The report notes that many people are killing these aging, ill people on their own. The population is aging because we do not have enough people born to care for them. We don't have enough to care for them because we have aborted and contracepted them out of existence. We abort and contracept them out of existence because we want to "be free and unrepressed" by indulging in illicit sexual activity with whoever we wish. Or else we want to have "perfect" babies that are racially perfect or financially affordable.

Euthanasia has been part of the current movement based in the old Eugenics Movement that Chesterton and Belloc fought many years ago. Chesterton's 1922 work Eugenics and Other Evils rightly railed against sterilizing and killing the mentally handicaped, the poor and alcoholic, and certain ethnic minorities by a self-proclaimed "elite". Their ideological descendants continue their war against life by subjecting the ill and old to death by syringe, rather than the suppossed "inferior peoples".

There is a bill currenting going through the British Parliamnet that would allow doctors to do to the old and very ill what is being done in Holland....killing them under the excuse of "compassion and dignity". This bill must be quashed and quashed hard! Now! Any British readers of this blog should get on Parliament's case, so that the UK does not end up like Holland.


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