Wal-Mart Soaks the Golden State

The San Francisco Chronicle has a report out recently that Wal-Mart's employment practices costs California about $86 million annually in public assistance to company workers.

It seems typical of Wal-Mart, who - quoting Shakespeare from his play "Julius Caesar" - "bestrides the narrow world like a Colossus".

The study, put forth by two members of a pro-union institute in Berkeley, notes that if other supermarket chains did what the global chain does regarding their employees, it will cost California taxpayers over $410 million in public assistance.

And this at a time where, like too many other American state governments, they are operating on a tight or deficit-riddled budget.

If national and state that restricted the size and power of the chain stores were still in effect, such a situation affecting California would not be. If the dollar were not taken off the gold standard in the first place, the Wal-Mart workers' wages would be able to buy more without wrecking their wallets. But both big government and big business doesn't care, or doesn't seem to care.

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