Turner Raises A Ruckus For Anarchists

This report from columnist Luke Boggs for Creative Loafing Atlanta reports on the violent anarchist group The Ruckus Society. It has recently been getting funding from a source it would - in public - oppose with all it's might.....Ted Turner!

Yes, the multimillionaire - hated rival of fellow New World Order supporter Rupert Murdoch, and enemy of so-called "Jesus freaks" - has been financing this group through his foundation. As Boggs reports, donations have totaled over US$110,000.

But this is nothing new among the super-rich and the self-proclaimed elite. As the late scholar Anthony C. Sutton pointed out in his "Wall Street" trilogy, it was the same super-rich globalist ideologues that financed the Nazis, the Communists and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Edward Jay Epstein, in his book "Dossier", revealed the relationship millionaire Armand Hammer had with every Soviet dictator from Lenin to Gorbachev. And both the Rothchild and Rockefeller families are notorious for funding causes lethal to church, synagogue, family and nations alike.

This is Chesterton's warning of "Hudge and Gudge" verified again with the likes of Turner's relationship with the Ruckus Society. Hence, we in Distributism much watch their movements with a wary and ever-vigilant eye and oppose them. Exposing the ties between them is but one way of doing so.


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