Illinois Knows Better Than You!

This report comes from the Protestant news and ministry website "We Hold These Truths", routed via the Couples Company website.

The state of Illinois passed a law in July of 2004 that commands compulsory mental health screening for both children - up to age 18 - and pregnant women. As reported in the newspaper the Illinois Leader, this foul edict - enshrined last year - passed their State House by a 107 to 5 vote, and the Senate passed it unanimously.

This means the STATE - not you or your doctor - the STATE decides if you are mentally healthy or not. This has shuddering precedent in the old Soviet Union, who regularly put away many political opponents of Communism in mental wards. This violates privacy also.

At worst, unless this law is overturned after the current elections, it means pregnant women who wish not to have the Illinois government hover over their children's mental health will have to flee the state. But in the immediate future, it is imperative that Distributists and others of good will stop similar plans for their own particular state or Canadian province.

Further, this law in Illinois must be overturned - either in the legislature, courts or both - no matter how long it takes....whether it takes months, years, or even decades!


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