Ithaca Notes Article on Investing in Local Communities

This is an article from 2001 by Paul Glover, founder of Ithica HOURS, one of the more famous "alternative currencies" projects in the English speaking world. This article is about promoting "globalization" by local investment and "alternative currencies".

My concern here, though, is in his belief that we need to globalize at all. It does not help forward the Distributist cause, which is - on principle - opposed to any form of World State or "global governance". Remember the quote of Lord Acton about power corrupting. It applies to the economic sphere as well as the political sphere.

Building up local communities, especially in economics, is necessary to keep a strong, sane and peaceful society. But linking it to the - to be blunt - Satanic movement to swallow all nations into the blob of a World State is contradictory, at least.



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